Saturday, March 3, 2012

Now that I realize that some people are using the demo for issues with various foods, I thought I would go into a bit more detail with some suggestions that might be helpful..   Keep in mind that the slideshow is a demonstration and this should not be taken as any type of protocol.  Therefore I really need feedback on how this works. 
Address only one food issue at a time.
Begin a food at night before you go to bed, with the headphones on.
Hold the actual food in your hand while you play the slideshow, if possible.  If not, look at a picture of the food.
The slideshow should be played during the day the next day, but without the sound, or with the sound very low, so you don’t get sleepy during the daytime. 
If you like, you can add an EFT type affirmation, “Even though I react negatively to this food item, and it currently weakens my energy fields, I am able to access various resources that I have within, and process the information from this food in a reasonable manner, and I am able to love myself completely while I am in the presence with this food.” (insert the name of the food and hold the food).
Most likely the last time you will need to play the slideshow is the following night, with the headphones on.  Note that generally the process ends just a little longer than twenty four hours.
Skip at least one day before going on to the next food item.

If you use a pendulum, or can do self muscle testing, it is extremely helpful to check what foods cause your energetic fields to weaken.  After watching the slideshow in the above protocol, the muscle testing results/pendulum results should change.  
If you come in contact with the food in any way during the period in which you are playing the slideshows for the food, you must be sure to play the slideshow within about fifteen minutes.
Keep in mind that some foods can be broken down into various parts, and it might be helpful for you to break them down into various components.
As an example, sugar is quite complex.  People think of sucrose, but what about fructose, lactose, glucose, etc.?  Those might need to be treated separately.  Those that use pendulums or muscle testing will be able to tell if they can process all sugar molecules at once, or address them separately.  Those that don’t may need to treat all the sugar molecules, one at a time.   Rather than looking at a photo of the food item, it is helpful to focus on the actual chemical formula.  You can find these with Google image searches.  You can use such terms as “sucrose chemical formula”.  Websites like this come up.    Look at the chemical formula for the particular sugar that you would like to treat as you are clearing it. 
There are various protocols for “allergy elimination” that use similar techniques, but they require practitioners, appointments and money.  Furthermore they are mislabeled, because though they do address energy reactions, and that may in turn influence allergies, allergies have a particular physical meaning.   These are not physical treatments, but energetic balancing.
You may be able to obtain information about these protocols by looking for the particular orders in which they treat foods, for example, or ordering workbooks.  The whole idea behind all protocols like this is to change a negative muscle test response for a food to a positive one.   In doing this, the conditioned "cringing" that we have subconsciously learned while in contact with that item subsides.  I would say going through a protocol could be a bit difficult without being able to get yes/no answers in some way, but you could just do a little overkill, treating an item for two days instead of one, for instance, and breaking up things like sugars into the component parts.   In any case I would love to know how it goes.


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