Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Demo of "Remove Energetic Blockages" slideshow--3 days

If anyone would like a free demo copy of my new slideshow “Remove Personal Energetic Blockages” you may download a copy here.  
Free Demo of Remove Energetic Blockages--Three Days Only                                         
There are fifteen demo copies available for three days.  I would have made the time longer but was unable to add more time with the free account from File Mail.  I am waiting to get a commercial account until such time as I actually I go commercial.  If you do download it, I would appreciate feedback and suggestions, but that isn’t required.   Obviously, if you download it, you are agreeing not to repost, copy, or share it in any way.  This is a bit similar to EFT Boost, but much more powerful, because not only is Emotional Freedom Technique in there,  but also "entity" removal, eye movement, left/right brain interaction, and binaural beats.  It is also twelve minutes long because of all of these things.  In the end I chickened out and did not take the binaural beats down to theta range.  This only goes down to alpha, but it still seems quite powerful.    I have one for my use that goes down to theta, but this one is more for the general public.  There are warnings to only use this before going to bed at night.  However, you can turn the sound off and put the music of your choice on in the background, and use it during the day if you would like.
This is in Windows Media Format, which  I like because the file size is smaller than other formats.  Anyone with a Mac will have to download a free VLC player to be able to use it.   Here is one place to download VLC for Mac, but there are probably other places as well. 
Because the slideshow is twelve minutes, long, it does take a bit of time to download.  I have a broadband connection and it took me several minutes to upload it.  The file size is approximately 160mb, so keep that in mind if you have a slow internet connection.
The most left brained of my daughters gave it a good review, but admittedly that is when  the binaural beats went down to theta waves.  She liked the rain clip.   I did make a few changes due to her aesthetic tastes, and changed some of the wording just a bit so it didn’t seem quite so outrageous.   She was confused by the pen in the eye movement sequence and wanted me to change it, which I did not do.  I happen to like it because it is giving the eyes a place to focus.  She also questioned even combining visual clearing patterns with the binaural beats, because she uses binaural beats before bed and doesn’t feel like looking at something then.  As I told her, you don’t actually have to look at the symbols to experience their benefits.  You merely need to be sitting or lying down quietly in the same room as they are flashing on the screen.  It is fine to close your eyes.  If you want, you can put a photo of yourself up on the computer screen as well.  Also, now that the binaural beats only go down to alpha range, people are somewhat  less likely to get sleepy. And definitely don’t use headphones if you don’t want your brainwaves to entrain!  Again, you can turn the sound off on your player, and put other music from a different player in the background.
One thing you may try this for is specific food intolerances.  Most of those are caused by plain old negative conditioning.  If your family had an unpleasant conversation  even once when you were eating corn as a child, your body may  remember that even if your conscious mind does not.  If you react to corn,  and want  your body to process the energy of corn correctly, you would write something like “even though my body currently processes corn incorrectly, I am able to remove that negative information, and completely detach any incorrect attachments to corn, and replace those attachments with love.”   Corn is just an example, however.  One can become negatively conditioned to any food, or combination of foods.    If you mentally access a particular food in any way while the the slideshow plays, through visualization or any other means, your energetic reaction to that food will greatly improve.  However, I would not equate this to allergy elimination, because allergy has a specific physical definition, and this is an energetic treatment. 
But you can also use this with just about everything-- situations or people that bug you, or even ancestral issues.  You can use a pendulum or muscle testing for the things that you don’t know consciously are issues.   But you don’t actually have to know how to use those techniques, because you probably consciously know many of your issues.
Although you can try this with physical issues of any kind (you can access a particular organ, disease, etc.), this is definitely NOT a medical treatment and this should only be used as a complementary therapy. 
This slideshow does not in any way take the place of finding good energetic  counselors.  It probably does allow you to use them more efficiently.  And sometimes, when you most need them, they may be unavailable. You may not have the time for an appointment.  Also, some people simply cannot afford their services for regular use.  Still, this is not a substitute for personal energetic counseling, but only an adjunct to it.
Good luck, and if you decide to try it, consider contacting me with your results, impressions, or whatever.  I might even do another blog post at some point if I feel that I have anything interesting to say.

Your non-blogger,


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