Saturday, February 25, 2012

Since only one day is gone and all 15 copies are gone are also, I'll extend this free offer through Monday.   I will probably be using a new file sharing service, though,and I may have to send the links through email.  If you missed out on the first fifteen, just contact me by private message, or you can email me at   and send me your email address.  Either Tuesday or Wednesday I will upload it and email you with the link. 

 I am editing this to reiterate that, should you decide to email me for a free demo copy, please ONLY use the email linked above.  I just tested it and it worked for me.  Someone said they emailed me, and I did not receive it.  I don't know what email account they used or where they found it.
Thanks everyone.  I tried to make this post as short as possible to limit the number of typos and grammatical mistakes I invariably make as a non-blogger.

Your non-blogger,


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